October The Dublin Marathon (3:51)
September The Berlin Marathon (3:16)
April The Manchester Marathon (3:06)
June Hit by the ball in Bushy Park.
August Diagnosed with cancer and put on crutches.
September Final QFA exam.
September Began chemotherapy treatment in St Vincent’s Hospital.
October QFA exam result.
March Finished treatment in St Anne’s Ward and was taken off crutches.
March The all clear.
April Radiation treatment.
May Finished all chemotherapy and radiation treatment and subsequently discharged.
June Meeting with Gary O’Toole to discuss the possibility of a return to running.
July 6 week indoor rehabilitation trial to test my leg with some light jogging.
August Successful trial and permission to slowly begin jogging outside.
November A dream holiday before finally returning to work.
December 14kms and getting stronger.
December Relapse, admitted to St James’s Hospital for more treatment.
February Beginning of the bone marrow transplant.
April Discharged from the bone marrow transplant ward.
June The all important 100 day post transplant scan.
June The all clear. Again.
November The all clear. Again.