2018 – My 3 Goals!

Goal One – Move out

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally happened! My girlfriend and I have officially moved out of her family home and in to our own new home in Co.Dublin. I’m over the moon, we have been made wait so long, and we have had to go through it all to finally get here but we did it. I knew we would, I just didn’t anticipate how hard it would be, or how long it would take!

I have been absolutely blessed to have had my girlfriend’s family home to stay in while I was going through my illness and recovery, I couldn’t be any more thankful or grateful for what they have done for me, but now it’s time to start a new beginning with my girlfriend and I can only hope that it’s onwards and upwards from here.

A little celebration ❤

Goal Two – Get back to work

There is not a whole lot I can do to about getting back to work any faster. I have no immune system at the moment which totally rules work out, especially during the cold and flu season. I’ve already been floored twice for a number of weeks each time this winter and it probably won’t be the end of it. I’m also still in hospital a lot, but over the coming months I am due to have a lot of my sign off appointments with a number of different departments which will be great but for now it’s still all go in and out of hospital.

Getting plenty, but importantly not too much, of exercise will help me along the way as it will help with continuing to overcome the fatigue and just help with my general health and fitness which will all aid my return to work.

Goal Three – Run the Dublin Marathon

As for the Dublin Marathon, I am registered, I am motivated, I am determined, but whether or not I make it to the start line remains to be seen. I am just going to take my time with it, slowly, surely, and see what happens. First things first I just want to get back to work and finally get back to normality, back to reality, but it’ll just take a bit of time.


Christmas 2017


At the beginning of December, after about 7 months of regular walking, I completed my first 5k of continuous jogging, it was slow and it was tough but I did it, I was absolutely delighted, I thought to myself that this might finally be the start of getting back to running regularly. All I could think about was how great it would be to be able to finally start thinking about entering the Dublin Marathon in October 2018.

I couldn’t help think what a story it would be, to beat cancer twice and to make it back to running a marathon, taking in to account everything I had been through, twice, my leg being seriously damaged by the tumor so badly that it prevented me from being allowed to put my foot on the ground for 6 months, the transplant, the fatigue, the mental battle of trying to stay on top of it all, the physical battle of the huge amount of side effects, I certainly planned to give it my best shot, it’s hard to keep a good man down. I built myself back after last year, I will do it again.



Christmas 2016 was definitely the most awful Christmas I’ve ever had, I had just relapsed a few weeks earlier, and I was in hospital without knowing how things would turn out, all I knew is I had relapsed after 9 months which was really not good, and that I needed a bone marrow transplant. On to Christmas 2017, the bone marrow transplant had been a success, I had the all clear, I was so excited about it, simply being at home this year with my family and my friends meant the world to me.

But then it happened, at the start of December it finally happened, I had managed to somehow avoid being admitted to hospital for nearly 9 months, but I woke up one day feeling unwell, I knew I wasn’t well, it felt like a cold or a flu and I felt a temperature coming on. A temperature for a post transplant patient means you have to get to hospital pretty quickly to get seen before it escalates in to a more serious situation. It means you have to get treated, most of the time by IV antibiotics, and that means being admitted, something I was absolutely dreading from the day I was discharged.

It was the 11th of December, I thought to myself it was going to happen at some stage, and better now than in two weeks during Christmas, so I packed my bag and headed to hospital. I ended up being in there a week, I had caught the flu, it really was tough mentally because it brought back all the memories of being in there for treatment from when I was sick, but I did it and got out of there. Home to Wexford, to my family, to crash on the couch and to try and enjoy Christmas.

Christmas Day

I made it, I was home for Christmas, finally, although I was out of hospital I was still absolutely exhausted and feeling fairly unwell, so I spent the next few weeks on the couch at home recovering. It was a pain, but I can’t complain too much because at least this year I was cancer free, I was home, home with my family where I deserved to be, unlike Christmas of 2016  when I wasn’t even able to see my nephews or godson due to my non-existent immune system, but I was able to this year, and that made me so happy! Winter for someone without an immune system basically means you have to hibernate, no going out to busy or crowded places, no cinema, no public transport, minimal contact with other people or children, no hugging, no handshaking, the list goes on, it’s a pain but it’s absolutely necessary.

I wasn’t able to run for the most of December too which was a pain, but I knew I would get back to it in January. I had big plans in mind for 2018 and three very important goals to achieve, so the plan was to recover now and get on it in January. Roll on 2018, I couldn’t wait much longer for 2017 to be over, because 2018 was going to be a big year, hopefully!

The Sunday Grill, Beat Fm

The Sunday Grill

For those of you who don’t already know, the lovely Orla Rapple from Beat Fm radio came across my blog and thought the story of my illness and subsequent return to running would be a great topic to discuss on The Sunday Grill, which Beat Fm host every Sunday. I haven’t listened back to it but I’ve been told I came across half decent! So if you have the time please do have a listen, and also please do share this if you can, thank you!

Please see the below link:

The Sunday Grill, Beat FM Radio

Radio Star! Sunday Feb 11th from 9:45am

So it looks like I’m going on the radio! The lovely Orla Rapple from Gorey who is working with Beat FM came across my blog and got in touch with me, and asked if I would be happy to do a short segment on The Sunday Grill on Beat FM and I duly obliged. Orla explained that she had been keeping up with my blogs and thought it would be a great good news story to spread, especially considering the fact that I just signed up for the Dublin Marathon. No pressure.

So tune in and have a listen tomorrow morning, it will also be up as a podcast after for anyone who doesn’t have Beat FM or for anyone who misses it. I won’t be listening back on it, well who does like the sound of their own voice? I was a bit apprehensive about doing it because I wouldn’t be used to actually talking about my story, and between the fatigue and the brain fog my brain still isn’t really back up and running fully yet but sure I couldn’t turn down the exciting opportunity, when I agreed to start blogging about my story I said I’d just go with whatever it brings, I certainly didn’t expect to end up on the radio!

The below link should bring you there, if not copy and paste the link, the segment will be on the radio from 9:45am tomorrow.