The Clonee 10k


The Clonee 10k is where my story began, that one night training in the park in June 2015 I was hit with a football in the leg, an incident that eventually led to my finding out that I had cancer.

It was two days after being hit with the ball that I lined up for the inaugural Clonee 10k race hosted by the brilliant Dunboyne AC, on the warm up I began to limp and had no idea why. I was aiming for my first sub 40 10k that evening and I was quite confident of hitting my goal, but the limp put everything in doubt. I decided to start the race and if the limp persisted or deteriorated I would stop, I lasted 1.8kms and pulled out, I was flying it but my leg wasn’t right and I didn’t want to jeopardise my main goal of 2015 by worsening a possible injury, my sub three hour attempt planned for that October. I couldn’t believe I had to pull out, I had never had an injury before, it felt really disheartening.

I still have my Garmin details from that race, my DNF, shown below.

It was the first time my girlfriend had come to watch me race and instead of seeing me come flying across the finish line, she saw me return to the finish line in a car after about 10 minutes.

Unfinished business

I certainly have unfinished business with the Clonee 10k, it’s where it all began, it’s the race I never got to finish because of the tumor in my leg, because of the cancer, it’s the race that my girlfriend never got to see me finish, her first time watching me race, so I really want to return and finish it, I want to cross that finish line and say that I beat cancer and managed to come back and finish that race, it won’t be a sub 40, but it will be a win in my book!

Well just the other night it finally happened, I saw an ad for the race, the Clonee 10k, June 28th, that’s exactly 11 weeks from today. My heart sunk a bit when I saw it because I’ve been waiting a long long long time to get back there and run it, I wanted to run it in 2016 but couldn’t due to the treatment, I wanted to run it in 2017 but couldn’t because of the severe side effects from the treatment, so I can tell you now that it will take a hell of a lot to stop me running it on the 28th of June. It seemed like such a great course too, flat, fast and scenic!

So on June 28th I plan to go racing and cross that finish line and get to give my girlfriend the hug that I should have been able to in June 2015. I don’t have the courage to register for it just yet, but in time I will. It’s going to be hugely emotional for me that’s for sure.

Bring it on…


The Jack White’s 10k

My First 10k

Today I took part in my second event since beginning to jog again, the Jack White’s 10k, an event in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, a great cause.

It was a pleasure to be contacted by the organisers who having heard my story asked me to be a special guest on the day, and gave me a bit of a shout out just before we set off from Jack White’s Inn.

The first 5k seemed to be going grand, then we hit a few little drags and hills which knocked the stuffing out of me, but I kept on going and cruised home to cross the line and claim my awesome 10k medal with my Mum and Dad watching from the finish line. It’s my first medal in a long time and it’s one I will treasure, delighted to have the 10k done and now I’ll take a bit of a break 🙂



The Jack White’s 10k

In aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin

Ah sure I’ll give it a go! Tomorrow morning the Jack White’s 5k/10k walk/run and family fun day is taking place in aid of a great cause, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin.

It’s local, it’s nice and flat, and there are lots of activities on for children too including a bouncy castle, face painting, music, and a puppet show, so come along if you are looking for something to do, and bring the kids 🙂

Oh, and for anyone who will be there tomorrow, come and say hello to me as I take on my first 10k since 2015!!


A huge pat on the back to Wayne for organising this event, a lot of work went in to it!

One Year

What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was discharged from hospital after my 5 week bone marrow transplant process, it was a tough 5 weeks for sure, a tough 5 weeks that followed a tough few months. I looked awful, not a hair on my body, my skin was pale, my body bloated and I was sporting a moon face from all the steroids.

Today I am just home from my first holiday abroad since 2016, a holiday I really needed, a break from it all, and another sign of being able to get on with my life again. We got to enjoy some sunshine, enjoy some lovely food including lots of ice cream, relax and basically chill out, just what was needed, for me, for my girlfriend, for us.

So far this year I’ve moved in to a new apartment with my girlfriend, ran my first 5k race, been abroad again, and I’ve signed up for the Dublin Marathon, my year of new beginnings. It’s a good start, a very good start, and my return to work is getting closer, closer to getting back to normality. Here’s to a good 2018…Happy Easter everyone 🙂