Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you all for following me and my progress. I get quite a few messages from a wide range of people, people in similar circumstances, people who are struggling with their mental health, or struggling with injuries, and to think that they can take a little bit of motivation or inspiration from my story goes a very long way with me, it makes it all worthwhile.

Needless to say, I haven’t exactly had an enjoyable Christmas over the last few years, but to be actually still here, and home with my family and friends to enjoy it this year just means so much to me. To be able to help my Mum and Dad this year and to help out those around me means so much to me, that I am here to help, and that I am able to help. This Christmas I am absolutely making the most of it, to think that I was at a point where I thought I wouldn’t make the next Christmas, but now I am still here and I definitely do appreciate it that much more.

Niamh and I have been watching lots of Christmas movies having our cosy nights in 🙂


Last winter I wasn’t well enough to run, this winter I managed to get my 17th Parkrun in which I thoroughly enjoyed,  especially because I get to catch up with friends  🙂


Now I’ve made my way home to Co.Wexford (with Bear) to spend Christmas with my family and friends 🙂

I even offered to make a dessert for Christmas day to help out Mum and Dad which I was delighted to do this morning, delighted to be able to do, especially seeing as I never ever make desserts.


As for my progress, I’m up to 3 days a week in work now which I am coping well with, and something even more important is that I did get a cold recently while in work and I only had to take 2 sick days which is a huge sign for me. A cold last winter would have absolutely shattered me for 2 or 3 weeks, so to lose just 2 days of work is a huge sign of my body getting stronger compared to last winter which makes me really happy!

Speaking of work, when I joined the company in 2015 I was 7 months in the job and waiting for my probationary period to be signed off when I took ill. I never got to sign the forms, I was out of work for 3 years, 3 long years, but my seat on the team was kept for me which was a hugely positive thing, and well just a few days ago before I left for my Christmas holidays my probation was signed off and I was made permanent. What a great way to start Christmas.

As for my running, considering I was barely able to run at all last winter I am delighted to have kept up some form of consistency over the last few months running about 3 times a week, but making sure to take it while I adjust to being back at work, I have to be more careful with my energy levels but it’s all progress and improvement and I’ll take it, roll on 2019!

I hope to see you for my charity event taking place in July 2019 in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, details and link below.

Let it out

I’m certainly making the most of this Christmas, I’m just so thankful to be here, and to be able to enjoy it with my family and friends, and to be able to do what I can to help out. My mental health has really been a roller coaster lately, when it’s good it’s good, but when I go downhill I really go downhill but I just try to keep going knowing, hoping, that it will get better but that it might just take some time. Cancer absolutely tore my mental and physical health down to the absolute bone and due to that I really find that the little things upset me more, they hurt me more, deeper, but I’m hopeful that with time I will heal and become stronger as the days pass by.

People tell me how well I look now, I get so many people mentioning it to me lately and they are right, and it’s so nice to hear, but the mental health battle is still raging on deep inside, those difficult things that I am dealing with every single day, but not just me, we all have our battles going on, all of us, one way or another.

I find that talking to those around me really helps, just to get it out, to get it off the chest, people have no idea what struggles we may be dealing with inside if we don’t let them out and talk about them, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are having those difficult days and it’s building up inside you, remember that one of the things family and friends are there for is when you need help, go and let it out and get it off the chest and you’ll feel a whole lot better, you may be struggling on the inside but no matter hard you are finding things on the inside, those looking at the outside may never know.

Enjoy your Christmas and the New Year, enjoy being with family and friends, make the most of it, enjoy the small things, enjoy every single moment 🙂

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The Never Give Up 5k/10k

Registration link for my event is below:


The LoveGorey Article

Love Gorey recently and kindly interviewed me for an article and posted it up online, click on the link below for a read. Going through my story from start to finish with someone who hasn’t heard it before gives me a fairly all too vivid reminder of what happened, but also gives me a strong reminder of just how far I’ve come.

As Niamh and I get our apartment decorated for Christmas I think back to the previous few Christmas times I’ve had, in 2015 I was home but between chemotherapy sessions after being diagnosed with cancer the first time, in 2016 I was in hospital after relapsing, and I have to say that I found being in hospital during Christmas was really really difficult, all you can think about is how you should be at home with your family. In 2017 I was home with my family in the all clear but I was really badly ill for the whole winter and was either in bed or on the couch sleeping, it was a miserable winter. So far so good in 2018, I’m just that bit more recovered so I’m hoping that this one will be a good one, I think I’m finally letting my Christmas excitement emerge after a relatively apprehensive lead up to this month.

As for my running, I’m being cautious and taking it fairly easy seeing as I’m back to work now, and I certainly have to manage my energy levels a lot more. I’ve averaged approximately 17kms a week for the last 6 weeks which I’m quite happy about all things considering! I barely got to run at all last winter so I’ll take what I can this winter and just make sure I look after the body, if I could keep ticking over with running regularly through the winter then I’ll be one happy runner.

Three days of work a week for the next 3 weeks which is great followed by the Christmas holidays and then I have 2 weeks off work. I’m enjoying a nice end to this year and hope for a stronger, healthier year next year.

The Never Give Up 5k/10k

In aid of the Irish Cancer Society

I need all the help I can get to try and raise as much money as I can for the Irish Cancer Society and to make this event a successful one, so please spread the word and share it for me if you get the chance, thank you in advance.

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The Never Give Up 5k/10k Medal & Flyer Reveal

The Event

***3 DAYS TO GO***

Registration link:

Help me hit 50 by Friday

A reminder that the “really early bird” entry is currently available for both distances for only another 3 days up until this Friday night. It’s the cheapest price you will be able to enter my event at, so why not sign up and make use of the discount. 

I have 45 entries so far, if you’re thinking about registering click on the link below and help me hit 50 by Friday.  

The event is for a great charity, taking place around a beautiful country scenic route, it is chip timed, AAI course measured, there is a medal for all finishers, a trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for male and female in both distances, and there are light refreshments after 🙂

The Medal

I’m absolutely delighted with the medal design, it took a while for myself and the medal designer to get it just right and I’m absolutely delighted with the end product, and I love that we managed to incorporate the purple and gold of the Wexford colours to make it that bit more unique.

The Flyer 

As for the flyer, I’m absolutely delighted with it, I pretty much only provided the details of the event to the designer and that was the end result. I was lucky enough to be able to call in a favour from someone close who designed it for me. I liked it so much I didn’t even need to ask for any changes to be made, now I’m able to use the design for the physical flyers I plan to distribute, but also to use it for online sharing.

So that’s the medal and the flyer up and running, it’s a huge start and I’m delighted to have both completed before Christmas, lots more to do, I’m certainly being kept very busy with the event but I’m really enjoying it. I have been planning it in my head since I was in hospital battling my illness, so I’m just grateful to still be here to actually finally get it up and running.

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Registration link:

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Busy, busy, busy!

Life is busy again!

Oh how quickly my life has gotten busy now that I have returned to work, I’m very quickly having to adjust to normal life again, where I had so much time before, it’s not so much the case now as each week passes. Being back in work has certainly started to busy up my days, I’m back to work 4 “weeks” now, and I’m really enjoying it, and as each week arrives my days in work increase. With 4 weeks completed I have another 4 weeks until my Christmas holidays, so between now and then all I want is to make it to Christmas without having to take any sick days in work. Its typical, 2 guys on my team are currently out sick with colds, that’s just how it is at the moment, I just have to try and keep myself out of harms way as best as I can.

Work have been incredibly understanding through my whole illness, they have never put me under any pressure and they held on to my place in the team so I’m absolutely delighted about that. It is the exact same now that I am back at work, they have told me to just do what I can, ease myself back in to it and to take little breaks whenever I need to, or when I start to feel really tired, and I just can’t explain how much that helps me even hearing that!

I have noticed that I’m enjoying my morning rest so much more now on the days I am not at work, so I’m definitely taking advantage of the quiet mornings while I can, especially considering that they will get less and less as the weeks pass. Otherwise, I am back trying to get stuff done while I am not in work, normal person stuff like renewing my health insurance or doing a few jobs in the apartment, and it’s so good to be doing normal day to day things again, I just have to manage my time a bit better now with being back in work and having less time to sort stuff out.

Most importantly, I have my Never Give Up 5k/10k event up and running and registrations are starting to appear already which is amazing, it really does make me happy when I see the numbers increase. It is definitely a huge undertaking for me and a lot of work but it’s something I am enjoying doing and I am getting very good help from those close to me which is great. I will be doing a lot with the event going forward to let people know how it is progressing, but don’t forget to like my NEVER GIVE UP Facebook page for my more regular little updates 🙂

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I hope you like the medal design, it took a fair bit of time to get the design just how I wanted it, but here it is 🙂

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