The LoveGorey Article

Love Gorey recently and kindly interviewed me for an article and posted it up online, click on the link below for a read. Going through my story from start to finish with someone who hasn’t heard it before gives me a fairly all too vivid reminder of what happened, but also gives me a strong reminder of just how far I’ve come.

As Niamh and I get our apartment decorated for Christmas I think back to the previous few Christmas times I’ve had, in 2015 I was home but between chemotherapy sessions after being diagnosed with cancer the first time, in 2016 I was in hospital after relapsing, and I have to say that I found being in hospital during Christmas was really really difficult, all you can think about is how you should be at home with your family. In 2017 I was home with my family in the all clear but I was really badly ill for the whole winter and was either in bed or on the couch sleeping, it was a miserable winter. So far so good in 2018, I’m just that bit more recovered so I’m hoping that this one will be a good one, I think I’m finally letting my Christmas excitement emerge after a relatively apprehensive lead up to this month.

As for my running, I’m being cautious and taking it fairly easy seeing as I’m back to work now, and I certainly have to manage my energy levels a lot more. I’ve averaged approximately 17kms a week for the last 6 weeks which I’m quite happy about all things considering! I barely got to run at all last winter so I’ll take what I can this winter and just make sure I look after the body, if I could keep ticking over with running regularly through the winter then I’ll be one happy runner.

Three days of work a week for the next 3 weeks which is great followed by the Christmas holidays and then I have 2 weeks off work. I’m enjoying a nice end to this year and hope for a stronger, healthier year next year.

The Never Give Up 5k/10k

In aid of the Irish Cancer Society

I need all the help I can get to try and raise as much money as I can for the Irish Cancer Society and to make this event a successful one, so please spread the word and share it for me if you get the chance, thank you in advance.

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