Busy, busy, busy!

Life is busy again!

Oh how quickly my life has gotten busy now that I have returned to work, I’m very quickly having to adjust to normal life again, where I had so much time before, it’s not so much the case now as each week passes. Being back in work has certainly started to busy up my days, I’m back to work 4 “weeks” now, and I’m really enjoying it, and as each week arrives my days in work increase. With 4 weeks completed I have another 4 weeks until my Christmas holidays, so between now and then all I want is to make it to Christmas without having to take any sick days in work. Its typical, 2 guys on my team are currently out sick with colds, that’s just how it is at the moment, I just have to try and keep myself out of harms way as best as I can.

Work have been incredibly understanding through my whole illness, they have never put me under any pressure and they held on to my place in the team so I’m absolutely delighted about that. It is the exact same now that I am back at work, they have told me to just do what I can, ease myself back in to it and to take little breaks whenever I need to, or when I start to feel really tired, and I just can’t explain how much that helps me even hearing that!

I have noticed that I’m enjoying my morning rest so much more now on the days I am not at work, so I’m definitely taking advantage of the quiet mornings while I can, especially considering that they will get less and less as the weeks pass. Otherwise, I am back trying to get stuff done while I am not in work, normal person stuff like renewing my health insurance or doing a few jobs in the apartment, and it’s so good to be doing normal day to day things again, I just have to manage my time a bit better now with being back in work and having less time to sort stuff out.

Most importantly, I have my Never Give Up 5k/10k event up and running and registrations are starting to appear already which is amazing, it really does make me happy when I see the numbers increase. It is definitely a huge undertaking for me and a lot of work but it’s something I am enjoying doing and I am getting very good help from those close to me which is great. I will be doing a lot with the event going forward to let people know how it is progressing, but don’t forget to like my NEVER GIVE UP Facebook page for my more regular little updates 🙂


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I hope you like the medal design, it took a fair bit of time to get the design just how I wanted it, but here it is 🙂

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