The Never Give Up 5k/10k (In aid of the Irish Cancer Society)

It’s Finally Live

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that the Never Give Up 5k/10k is now officially open for registration, a 5k and 10k road race in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

It’s a project I have been thinking about and slowly working on since I was ill in hospital. While I was recovering after my first diagnosis I wanted to think of a way to bring about something really positive out of such a harrowing experience, and that’s when I thought about organising a running road race for charity. I wanted to combine my love for running and raising money to help others.

Before I had a chance to actually get going with the project I relapsed, so I didn’t get to do very much on it except think about it, plan it in my mind, my main focus at the time was getting through the treatment and the transplant. During my recovery I thought it was time to get it going again, the only thing is, at that point I really didn’t know if it would be a fun road run, or a memorial run, and that was kind of scary, but I decided that regardless I would go ahead and get it going. I always knew that if things didn’t go my way that I would have a few close friends who could take over the project for me and finish what I started.

Thankfully I’m here to finish what I started and I just can’t put in to words how excited I am about it all. It’s a big undertaking for me but one which I will thoroughly enjoy, and I know I will have lots of support along the way to make sure it will be a success. As it’s a brand new event, I will be asking everyone to share the event and spread the word to help ensure I can raise as much money as possible for the Irish Cancer Society. It was my goal to get the event up and running before my return to work next week and I managed that so I’m delighted.

There is a huge significance to the timing of this event, it will take place approximately 2 years since my post transplant all clear scan, and the reason why the 2 year mark is so significant to me personally is due to the nature of the aggressiveness of the cancer I had. My specialist explained that if I make it to the 2 year post transplant mark then it would put me in the very high percentage rate of long term survival. I feel like there would be no better way to mark such a special occasion than organising and holding this event, so come and join me on what will be a very special day.

The Details

The Never Give Up 5k/10k road race is a charity event in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

It is taking place on Sunday the 28th of July 2019 in the village of Inch, Gorey, Co.Wexford. There is a 5k and a 10k option to choose from and both take you on a scenic loop around the countryside, once for the 5k and twice for the 10k.

All proceeds of this event will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society, the national charity for cancer care here in Ireland.

“Since 1963 the Irish Cancer Society has grown into the national charity for cancer care, the leading provider of all information relating to cancer prevention, detection, treatment and support. We also advocate for improvements in cancer services and we are the largest voluntary funded of cutting edge cancer research in Ireland. We rely on the generosity of the public for 98% of our income.”

Here is a message from the Race Director, Chris Proby:

“In August 2015, just a few months after running the Manchester Marathon, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer at the age of just 32. It was aggressive and I was in a bad way, but thankfully due to a heavy chemotherapy and radiation treatment schedule I got the all clear in 2016, unfortunately 9 months later I relapsed. After further chemotherapy, full body radiation, and a bone marrow transplant I eventually got the all clear again in June 2017. Needless to say it was an incredibly difficult and scary experience.

Running was a huge motivator to help me through the treatment, it helped to keep me focused and determined to win the battle, twice. While I was in hospital I promised myself that once I beat cancer I would combine my love for running and my difficult cancer experience to create something positive, which is why I have organised this event. So come and join me in my home village for a great morning out, on a beautiful scenic route where I first started running, for a very great cause.”

Registration Link

Facebook Event Link

Please spread the word and help me make it a day to remember for a very worthwhile cause.

Race Information

  • Event date: Sunday, July 28th, 2019
  • Registration: 9:30am
  • Start line briefing: 11:15am
  • Race start: 11:30am
  • Registration point: St Mogue’s Community Centre, Inch, Gorey, Co.Wexford.
  • Race start: 400 meters from St Mogue’s Community Center.
  • Race finish: Directly across the road from St Mogue’s and the car park.
  • AAI measured course.
  • Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for men and women in both races.
  • Medals for all finishers.
  • Limited to 700 entries.
  • Parking available, please carpool where possible.
  • Light refreshments after the race.
  • Free entry option with a minimum amount raised on a sponsorship card.
  • Virtual run option on both distances for those who can’t make it, medal will be posted for any virtual run participants.

To follow me on Instagram search: PROBYC or Chris Proby

To follow me on Facebook search: NEVER GIVE UP

Thank you for reading, please share my story 🙂


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