My Happy Magazine Q&A Article

I’m Home

I’m home, home from Portugal, time to get back to a bit of normality, although I reckon I could have stayed in Portugal for at least another month. We had the most incredible time over there, and wow did we need it, it’s amazing what a bit of sunshine does for the body and the mind 🙂

Happy Magazine

As you would expect, I tend to get talking to many different people with an association to cancer, whether it’s someone who has gone through it themselves, or is currently going through it, or perhaps someone who knows of someone going through it. One of those people that I have come to know is the lovely Holly Kennedy, founder and writer of the online magazine called Happy Magazine, another cancer survivor with an inspiring story to tell. Holly’s site is one based on daily positivity for people going through or affected by cancer,  you can check out her site on the link below:

Holly asked me if I would be interested in doing a Q&A session for her magazine and I gladly obliged, so this week I’m posting the article, if you would like to have a read just click on the link below:

This day 5 weeks I’m returning to work for the first time since August 2015, so I’m certainly going to enjoy the next 5 weeks as best as I can. I’m currently working on an exciting project which I hope to have up and running before my return to work, so watch this space!

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Thank you for reading, please share my story 🙂


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