Portugal ☀️

Our second week in Portugal, just heaven…


A boat trip around the beautiful coast of Lagos, some relaxing in the pool, the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted (Kinder bueno and cookie) and then we walked down to the beachside for a nice dinner, what a day 😊


Wow, a drive up to the peak of Monchique, 3,000ft, then I went for a 5k jog down from the peak with stunning views where we then stopped for a delicious lunch, followed by tasting some lovely local treats, topped off with an awesome dinner, another amazing day with my amazing girl ❤


I can’t go away without going to the local water park, I just find them so much fun, so this morning off we went to the big water park down the road, Slide and Splash, and we just had so much fun, not a cloud in the sky, lots of fun slides, lots of laughs, and an ice cream before leaving, another really fun day 😊 Definitely sleepy tonight after walking up what feels like a billion steps today 😂😂😂😴😴😴 In hindsight, the run yesterday followed by the water park today was probably not the best idea but I can’t always get it right 🙈


I’m happy to say that today was a nice relaxing day, we did some shopping, relaxed by the pool for the afternoon, tasted some local treats, then headed down the town for a nice cold beer and pizza dinner with live music on the street 😊


Run day today 😊 4.5kms down to the old town and around the marina, followed by a lovely fruit shake in one of our favourite coffee shops, a relaxing afternoon by the pool before hitting our favourite ice cream shop for some snickers ice cream, just unreal, talk about living the life. Out for dinner tonight and she even agreed to watch the Liverpool game with me, true love right there 😊❤


Ah Wednesday, our return home is getting close, but we are making the most of every hour of every day until then 😊 Off we went to play crazy golf this morning which was definitely lots of fun, then an afternoon by the pool with the occasional dip seeing as it’s so hot over here at the moment. Niamh and I were playing about in the pool like kids, lots of laughing and having the craic, things are good, it’s taken a long time but we are having so much fun and finally enjoying our lives again ❤

I also found this amazing bakery on a side street down the town so we grabbed a few different treats and shared them, well I tell ya, unreal, so so good! As for this evening, dinner in a local village and after a stroll by the sea and a bit of star gazing ⭐


Where do I start with today, it’s our last day before flying home tomorrow, back to beautiful Ireland 😁 We made the most of our last day today, we went for a jog at our favourite spot here in Lagos, down at the boardwalk which runs along the cliffs by the sea, absolutely beautiful views 😊 Another relaxing afternoon by the pool before going down the town to our favourite ice cream shop, and, well, I couldn’t say no to two scoops seeing as it’s our last day 🙈 One nice small cold beer on an awesome rooftop terrace bar before hitting a cool outdoor garden BBQ restaurant, and well that is that!

In terms of running, I have now managed 6 small but beautiful runs in 2 weeks while here in Portugal, it’s the first time I’ve managed 3 a week in a long while so I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve managed it 2 weeks in a row now, hopefully I can maintain some consistency over the coming weeks 😊

I’m hoping to run at my local Parkrun in Tymon Park on Saturday but we’ll see how it goes, oh, and I’ll definitely be checking the weather first, that’s all for now, it’s time to get packing 🙈 That’s all for now 😊

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