Disappointment & Opportunity

The Dublin City Marathon 2018

It’s not an easy admission to make but I suppose it’s something I’ve known for a couple of months now, that I won’t be making it to the start line of the Dublin Marathon as planned this year. It was always going to be my body’s decision on whether or not I would be able to run it, but considering I’m only returning to light running and training over the past couple of weeks after 3 months of very little activity due to the virus, Dublin is just too soon for me.

My mind is already at the start line of the Marathon but unfortunately my body is lagging way behind, the virus pretty much lasted May, June and July which would have been really important months for training to get to a good base level of fitness, but it just didn’t go my way. I’m pretty disappointed but it’s not my decision and I guess when I look at the bigger picture, I’m just happy that I’m even here to be able to go out running at all.

Yes I could push myself and try it, but firstly, my immune system is clearly not up to scratch yet so I fear that I would keep getting sick if I tried to train for it, secondly, I’m waiting on my return to work date and expect it to be soon enough so again it would not be a good idea to be training for the Marathon during a period where I’m returning to work after being signed out unfit from work for close to 3 whole years.

I’ve accepted that this is not my year, its definitely a huge disappointment but after the few years of hardship my body has been through I’m willing to wait another while longer, and well I already have a back up plan in mind depending on how things go. So it got me thinking, if I have no Marathon to train for this year, how could I best use my time to get back on track for a good year next year? I’m going to use this disappointment to take advantage of an opportunity and simply adjust my focus for the coming months.

Impact Strength & Performance

Having a strong core is certainly an important part of being a runner and it’s something I’m definitely lacking at the moment, so I thought maybe now that I’m not running Dublin this year nor am I back to work, it’s probably the perfect opportunity to get some direction by experts to help strengthen my core and improve my flexibility while I have the time, which will ultimately give me a good base for running in 2019.

My concern about going to a gym for core work was my body being pushed too hard and getting tired from it, but after speaking with the really helpful owner of Impact S&P in Blackrock he listened to my story and my concerns and said he would look after me. He told me he would start slow with me and just take it session by session and just see how I would get on for a trial month so I said I would give it a go. He explained that we would review after each session and even the next day to see how my body felt, and to make sure it wasn’t tiring me out.

I was absolutely delighted to start in there with the personal training sessions this week, I’ve had 2 sessions now and it feels great so far and I’m so happy to be finally getting some direction from experts for strength and conditioning as well as improving my core, and I even got an awesome training tee for training in. So for the next few weeks I will see how I go concentrating on the personal training sessions and bit of running.


This Week’s Progress

This week I managed to get 2 good core sessions in at Impact S&P Blackrock, and I’m really looking forward to going again next week.


I also ran the 5k Tymon Parkrun which was a lot of fun, well after I crossed the line haha. I even managed to squeeze in under the 26 minute mark with a little help from a friend, so I was very happy with that.

Overall I’m very happy with such a productive week, rest day for me today so it’s time to relax.


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