3 years!!!

It’s three years ago today!!

It’s three years ago today since some guy in the park accidentally smashed a football against my leg, an event that led to me finding out that I had an aggressive cancer growing inside me, a cancer so aggressive that it had practically destroyed my femur. The damage that the cancer caused to my leg was horrendous, not to mention all the other places in my body that it had spread to, the most worrying being that it had spread up in to my head to my sinus, very close to my brain which was a huge concern at the time.

When I reflect on what my body has been put through over the last three years I just can’t believe that I’m still here. Between the disease itself and the treatment I just can’t get over the fact that not only am I still standing, but that I’m even able to slowly return to running. The disease, the chemotherapy, the radiation, the medication, the bone damage, the muscle damage, everything, and not only once, but twice! I just don’t know how my body got through it.

I didn’t take many photos over the last few years for obvious reasons, losing every single hair on your body is not a pleasant sight, but on looking back at some of them, you can really notice the changes my body went through. Some of the photos I really don’t like, however, I do like to have them as every now and then when I look at them I can see just how far I’ve come on this very long road to recovery…

April 2015

I ran the Manchester Marathon in 3:06, little did I know that at that time I had an aggressive cancer growing inside me, my femur was so badly damaged it could have shattered at any moment.

October 2015

Celebrating achieving my Qualified Financial Adviser exams while in hospital during treatment. I sat my final exam a month after finding out I had cancer, just before I started chemotherapy, an achievement that I am probably most proud of having ever done.

March 2016

I had finished all my chemotherapy and of course all the hair was gone. Nevertheless we celebrated the end of my chemotherapy treatment, it was a long 6 months of chemotherapy.

November 2016

Ahhhh I have hair again! I was pretty impressed how well my hair came back considering the sheer amount of high does chemotherapy and radiation I received! We took a little trip to celebrate the end of such a difficult time and I was getting ready to finally return to work, my weight was back to normal, little did I know that the very next month I would end up in hospital after having relapsed!

February 2017

A few days out of hospital to let me prepare for the bone marrow transplant, my girlfriend and I did the only thing we could do, make the most of it. My hair was gone, AGAIN, and I had lost a lot of weight yet again.

August 2017

This ladies and gentlemen is what someone on a high dose of daily steroids looks like, I hated that photo, I look awful, but now when I see it it helps me realise just how far I’ve come.


But look at me now, my body is finally back to some sort of normality, finally!! I might not have the same hair on my head, but at least I am able to grow a fairly decent beard, not too shabby, not too shabby.

I’m even back running a bit 🙂

Unfortunately we didn’t win the champions league….

But I did have a little beer to celebrate the results of getting the all clear in my recent full body scan 🙂

And also a celebration on June 14th to mark once year since I got the most important all clear after my bone marrow transplant, a hugely important anniversary, one I will celebrate every year.


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