June 14th – My official anniversary

June 14th

I never thought I would have an anniversary like this one to celebrate, but yesterday was the one year anniversary of my 100 day post transplant scan when I got the all clear. It was an incredibly important scan, it was the scan to determine whether or not the transplant worked, and for my sake it absolutely has to work, and I’m incredibly lucky that it did.

It’s a very special day, I didn’t make it a year before relapsing the first time I was diagnosed with cancer but I have made it a year now, the first milestone, and it’s a milestone that my girlfriend and I will celebrate every single year. My specialist explained to me that if I make it to the two year mark then my chances of relapsing are very low, but that she is already quite optimistic with me having made it this far. Having had the recent cancer relapse scare I think it made yesterday even more special, but just to make it this far is very positive seeing as how aggressive my cancer was!

I still have such a long way to go in my recovery, but at the same time I realise just how far I’ve come since leaving the transplant ward on March 30th last year, to just be able to go out for dinner and a drink to celebrate yesterday evening was incredibly humbling. My battle to get through the transplant in hospital ended on March 30th last year, but I’m still battling the effect cancer has had on me on a mental and physical level every single day.

Last night was such an enjoyable night, a great reason to celebrate, and a night we will celebrate every year. My girlfriend said some pretty special things to me as we celebrated, about how I battled through the last couple of years, it meant a lot to me to hear it, to hear someone so close to you actually tell you how awesome you are for getting through something like that, something so dam difficult.

At the end of the day when you find someone that special, someone who you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll battle harder than you ever believed you could.

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