A quick update!

So I got to ride in an ambulance last night! Just before midnight last night my breathing was deteriorating quite badly and so came the time to make that call and order an ambulance. Strict instructions from hospital in these types of circumstances.

It certainly wasn’t the way I wanted things to happen with A few days rest at home planned but there you go. I was transported up to St Vincent’s Hospital and after being checked over and monitored throughout the night I was moved in to a ward this morning.

The ward, infact, the room I was moved in to is actually the very first room I started my treatment in back in 2015 so I have to say it really brought back some horrific memories, I never thought I would be stepping foot in this building again, nevermind this ward.

However, for now it is not for the same reasons as last time so I just have to try and soldier on until they figure out what’s wrong with me, hope and pray next week’s scan goes well, and in the meantime thankfully my breathing has calmed down.

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