The Terenure 5 Mile, another bump in the road…

Another bump in the road

So I had written the below blog at the start of the week with the intentions of posting it tonight, but another little bump in the road has changed my plans. I was due to run the Terenure 5 mile this Sunday, however thanks to my lack of an immune system I have picked up an infection and have been floored by it, so it all but looks like I won’t make it Sunday.

It’s really disappointing, I was looking forward to taking part, bumping in to a few people and enjoying the occasion, however, I’m going to have lots of these bumps along the way but I just have to brush them off, pick myself up and go again, that’s how it is. There will be plenty more events to take part in and at the end of the day I have to listen to my body. So unless I make a miraculous recovery by Sunday morning, I will sit this one out. We’ll see Sunday, it will be a late call.

On the upside, I have picked up an infection which has not turned in to a fever! A fever would have meant being admitted to hospital and going on a drip, which would have taken 5 to 10 days to clear before I would get out, so my body must be starting to finally kick in with some power to fight back!

Below is the blog which I thought I should still include as it’s still an important one for me. I think it’s important to acknowledge the bumps along the way but being able to overcome those bumps is key.


The Terenure 5 mile is one of the last races that I completed before taking ill in 2015. I ran it in 31:04 and came 90th out of about 1,240 runners. I couldn’t have been much happier at that point, but to think that the cancer I had would have been growing and spreading rapidly at that point is scary. My leg was so badly damaged that it could have shattered at any stage, during that race, any race, or just while out training. I count myself incredibly lucky to have discovered the problem before it actually shattered, because I would have been left in an even much more awful scenario if not.


This coming Sunday, three years since running it, I get to run it again and I’m really looking forward to it. It was one of the first races my girlfriend came to watch me at and thankfully I will have her by my side at this race once again.

I don’t care how fast I run it, or what my result will be, I’m going just so I can take part, to enjoy myself, to see some old faces again and some new ones, and just to get back out there.


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