Parkrunning back to life!

Today I took part in my 10th parkrun in my home town of Gorey, my usual parkrun would be Tymon in Dublin but I like mixing it up and saying hello to people when I’m down home. I walked my first parkrun back in November and it’s been onwards and upwards since then, with a few bumps along the way.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not doing too well mentally lately, and I’ve been quite concerned about my mental health. I’ve come to the conclusion that every bit of mental and physical energy I had went in to getting me through the last few years, and now that I am at a point where I can let go of it a bit, it has hit me quite hard, and it has knocked me down. I’m working through it though, day by day.

I am finally coming to the realisation of what happened to me, twice, how bad things were, and how close I was to not making it. I am coming to the realisation of how difficult it all was and how I still have a long way to go to find myself again, but I’m getting there, albeit quite slowly.

I woke up today, not feeling all that happy, debated on and off about whether or not to go and take part in the parkrun in Gorey, and I just thought to myself, it’s a beautiful morning, it will be a bit of fresh air, and you’ll get to say hello and chat to other people, so off I went, and wasn’t I glad I did.

How her words changed my day

A 9:30am start, we lined up, the countdown started and off we went, and as we all started jogging, another parkrunner turned to me and just said that she was delighted to see me back running, and I thanked her as we went around, it catches me off guard sometimes, I forget about the reach of my blogging sometimes. At the end she came over and explained that she had read my blog and found it very motivational, inspirational and was delighted to see me back out running and basically said fair play!

I tend to just type away not really knowing who reads my blogs, how man people read them, or if they get shared much or not so it takes me by surprise sometimes when people do contact me or come up to me, and it really brightened up my day to hear what she had to say, and it meant a lot to me. She changed my day, and she definitely brightened it up.

She didn’t have to come up and say anything to me, she could have just noticed me but not said a word but I’m so thankful she did. It changed my morning and it changed my mood. Getting up and going to the parkrun in Gorey today reminds me of how getting out there, meeting people, and doing a bit of running helps to keep me going. It lifted me physically and it lifted me mentally. Oh and I also ran a post-cancer 5k personal best, so happy days! There might just be life left in this old dog yet.

Walk it, jog it, run it, whatever way you choose I would recommend to take part in a parkrun and see what it’s all about, and if you ever see me PLEASE SAY HELLO.

Thank you to all the parkrun volunteers!


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