What are my chances Doc?

What are my chances of survival Doc?

My girlfriend and I met with my specialist recently, we had some questions we needed to ask. They were questions we were too scared to ask before but the kind of questions we felt were time to ask now, questions we still didn’t want to ask, but just had to so we could get them out of the way. I guess now that we are a bit stronger we decided to go for it.

The main question we felt we needed to ask, as opposed to wanted to ask, was in relation to my chances of survival as well as my chances for the future. So, what are my chances of survival doc? It was quite clear my specialist was carefully tiptoeing around the subject with her response, but she seemed quite optimistic about my chances.

She explained to us that as the form of cancer I had was the aggressive form, generally if it was to return it would usually be quite soon after the bone marrow transplant, within the first two years, then she commented about how well I am doing at the moment 13 months post transplant and how she was already feeling quite confident about my chances. I mean I don’t exactly like the fact that my cancer was the aggressive form, but each form has it’s positives and negatives in relation to treatment and survival chances. She explained that generally speaking, after the two year mark I would have a 95% chance of survival, I like those odds, 95%, in saying that, you never really know, but I’ll take those odds!

So…two years, I gotta make it to two years and then just hope for the best after that, I’m already 13 months in so I’m well on my way.

On asking about my future chances, she explained that the bone marrow transplant isn’t a short or medium term solution, it is deemed as a “for good” as opposed to a “for now” type of solution, so I think my fear of it returning and wiping me out as soon as I get a little bit older has been greatly reduced, it’s always going to be lingering in the back of my mind, but at least maybe not as much now, and hopefully as the years pass those thoughts will drift further and further out of my mind.

So onwards and upwards for now, and I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed on my health.


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