One Year

What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was discharged from hospital after my 5 week bone marrow transplant process, it was a tough 5 weeks for sure, a tough 5 weeks that followed a tough few months. I looked awful, not a hair on my body, my skin was pale, my body bloated and I was sporting a moon face from all the steroids.

Today I am just home from my first holiday abroad since 2016, a holiday I really needed, a break from it all, and another sign of being able to get on with my life again. We got to enjoy some sunshine, enjoy some lovely food including lots of ice cream, relax and basically chill out, just what was needed, for me, for my girlfriend, for us.

So far this year I’ve moved in to a new apartment with my girlfriend, ran my first 5k race, been abroad again, and I’ve signed up for the Dublin Marathon, my year of new beginnings. It’s a good start, a very good start, and my return to work is getting closer, closer to getting back to normality. Here’s to a good 2018…Happy Easter everyone 🙂


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