Full Body Scan

No More Scans!

It turns out that it doesn’t look like I will be having any more full body scans going forward. After meeting with my specialist recently I asked her one of the many questions I absolutely dread to ask. When is my next full body scan?

In June 2017 I had my 100 day post transplant full body scan to see if the bone marrow transplant had worked, it worked. In November 2017 I had my 9 month post transplant full body scan to see if I was still in the all clear, I was. So as March 2nd was approaching, the anniversary of my transplant in 2017, I assumed that there would be a 1 year post transplant scan, so I asked the dreaded question.

I absolutely hate having to ask, but if you don’t ask about an upcoming scan then there is the worry about getting lost in the system and perhaps the scan being forgotten about or missed. Regardless of hating having to ask the question, the scan although a very much disliked process, getting the all clear really helps you move on mentally, and enables you to feel that bit more at ease, when you get the all clear that is. So I asked.

My specialist explained to me that she thinks it would be best not to have any more full body scans going forward, unless I began to experience any severe or worrying symptoms. I was a little shocked, expecting to hear that I would be having one this March I was told that I probably wouldn’t be having any more at all. She explained about how bad the scans are for your body, which is obviously something that has been explained to me many times over at this stage, and that she didn’t want my body being put through that unnecessarily. She also explained to me that because the type of cancer I had was so aggressive, that if it was to return, it would present itself pretty quickly through the usual cancer related symptoms.

One part of me thinks how happy I am about not having to go in for another scan, but the other part of me finds it a bit worrying. Getting the all clear after a scan really helps you to move on, and I wouldn’t have this anymore, but I think I agree with her logic, so I’m content to go with it and I suppose enjoy not having to go through the process of any more scans, all going good.


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