The Straffan 5k

My Return

Today I was absolutely delighted to take part in my first “race” since the Docklands 5k back in June 2015, the Docklands 5k being the last race I completed before my illness kicked off. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this day to come, I had to be patient but I knew it would come, nothing was going to stop me from having my day. All those days in hospital during treatment I imagined this day, I pictured it, and it finally arrived.


The race was a 5k race in Straffan Co.Kildare. Only my girlfriend knew I was planning on entering it, I decided not to mention it to people as it’s happened too many times already that I would plan to do run my first race and for health reasons not end up being able to take part, so we made our way there on a lovely calm morning for a 10am race start. I absolutely love being able to get up and out early at the weekends, enjoying the quiet mornings out.

I explained to my girlfriend that when she see’s the treats that are provided after the race it will be well worth the trip over for her, incidentally, the first time she accompanied me to a race was actually to the Clonee 10k in June 2015, the race I couldn’t finish due to the problems I was having with my leg, so being able to cross the finish line of this morning’s race with her by my side was something I was definitely looking forward to.

My Number *4536*

It was cool getting to pin my number on to my top, the first time I had done it in nearly 3 years, seeing the whole set up and just getting to line up at the start line, it was great. The race itself was nice and flat, I did find myself fairly on my own after the first kilometer which I didn’t want, it’s much easier to keep going when you have other runners around you, but I kept going and I enjoyed it. I even got the time I was aiming for but thought would be out of reach, so I was absolutely delighted with myself.

The Finish

I really enjoyed the finish, that last straight to cross the line, I did it, BOOM!

My official time was 24:44, delighted. My first “race” back at it, it’s going to be an exciting year #DCM2018


The reason I decided to write my blog was to show people that no matter how tough times get, you can still come out the other side and get back to doing what you love most, so please share this good news story if possible, thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Straffan 5k

  1. Hi Chris what a great achievement !! And you are fast too! So happy for you. I’m a friend of your mum and dads (jenny in inch the osteopath) so I have been quietly following your progress all along. Again delighted for you. I run but you could say I’m in the geriatric category!!

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    • Hi Jenny, thank you very much! Mum often talks of you and mentions you always ask for me which I do appreciate 🙂 It’s certainly been a rollercoaster but hopefully onwards and upwards now. Regardless, it’s a wonderful feeling getting out for the fresh air isn’t it?


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