The Sunday Grill, Beat FM Radio

Radio Star! Sunday Feb 11th from 9:45am

So it looks like I’m going on the radio! The lovely Orla Rapple from Gorey who is working with Beat FM came across my blog and got in touch with me, and asked if I would be happy to do a short segment on The Sunday Grill on Beat FM and I duly obliged. Orla explained that she had been keeping up with my blogs and thought it would be a great good news story to spread, especially considering the fact that I just signed up for the Dublin Marathon. No pressure.

So tune in and have a listen tomorrow morning, it will also be up as a podcast after for anyone who doesn’t have Beat FM or for anyone who misses it. I won’t be listening back on it, well who does like the sound of their own voice? I was a bit apprehensive about doing it because I wouldn’t be used to actually talking about my story, and between the fatigue and the brain fog my brain still isn’t really back up and running fully yet but sure I couldn’t turn down the exciting opportunity, when I agreed to start blogging about my story I said I’d just go with whatever it brings, I certainly didn’t expect to end up on the radio!

The below link should bring you there, if not copy and paste the link, the segment will be on the radio from 9:45am tomorrow.


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