Quick Pic Post

It was inevitable, I held out nearly 9 months, but on Monday I was admitted in to St James’s Hospital for the first time since my Bone Marrow Transplant in March.

Thankfully this time it’s only due to the flu and nothing more sinister. I am also thankful that it happened this week and not next week as it seems I’ll be kept in for over a week, and well I would quite like to be tucked up in bed at home this year so the man in the red suit can pop my presents on my own bed at home on the 25th 😊 Maybe I should have asked for an immune system this Christmas 🤔😂

When I had my transplant meeting earlier this year I was told that it was inevitable that post transplant I would end up being admitted numerous times as I would have no immune system and my body would take a long time to recover. I made it nearly 9 months before being admitted so I’m pretty impressed with that.

Apart from the fact that I’m absolutely flattened by the flu, all the bad memories are flowing back as I lay here in my isolation room again so it’s pretty tough going, but at the end of the day, I’ll take flu over the other thing anytime.

2 thoughts on “Quick Pic Post

  1. Hey Chris, Jen is a very dear friend of mine and I’ve been reading your posts when she shares. Keep writing as you are an inspiration and you write so, so well. I havn’t met you but you are in our thoughts as you recover. Sending love, Annie

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